6 Savoiardone di Sardegna

250g sweetened coffee

200g mascarpone cheese

40g sugar

2 eggs (about 100g)

40g whipped cream

Cocoa powder for dusting the top


To get started, mix the coffee and the sugar together in a small bowl and then place to cool. Separate the eggs, and place the egg whites in one bowl, and the egg yolks in another. Mix the egg yolks with 20g of sugar until obtaining a foam, mix it with the mascarpone cheese and the whipped cream to homogenizing the mixture. Beat the egg whites separately with 20g of sugar, until they are stiff. Gently mix the two compounds with a spatula from the bottom upwards, until you obtain a smooth and firm cream. When the coffee has cooled to room temperature, soak the Savoiardone of Sardinia in the coffee, it only needs a quick soak about 5 seconds. Now place the Savoiardone on his stomach on a plate. Decorate the Savoiardone with the Mascarpone cream, using a Sac à poche with curly nozzle n. 10. Dust the top of Tiramisardo with cocoa powder and let it rest in the fridge for few hours.