Being simple is extraordinary

We take you through the discovery of our production. Our Savoiardone di Sardegna is born in this factory, in the heart of Sardinia. Welcome to Fonni!

Ready to go, first shift of the day. Our journey begins here.

Every morning thousands of Sardinian free-range fresh eggs! Here we are not counting them, we are preparing the eggs for the machine that will help us to shell them.

The passion for sweetness starts with the best ingredients, the simplest ones. Thousands of daily fresh eggs are shelled by skilful technological hands which separate the yolk from the egg whites. From the time of their arrival at the factory to this phase, it only takes few minutes!

Our Savoiardi are all the same, soft and tasty! Here you see them ready to be baked.

Everyday tens, hundreds, thousands of Savoiardi are ready to arrive in your homes. Only fresh eggs, sugar and flour, this is their recipe.




POR FESR Sardegna

In ottemperanza alle disposizioni previste dal D.L. 34/2019, si informa che gli Aiuti di Stato e gli aiuti de minimis ricevuti dalla Nostra impresa, sono contenuti nel Registro Nazionale degli aiuti di Stato (RNA) di cui all’art.52 della L.234/2012