Sweet origins

We have been using the same recipe for three generations in Fonni because we believe in the authenticity, simplicity and passion for the right ingredients to raise awareness of our products all over the world. We are the Masini family and for us being simple is extraordinary.

Mario Masini


He manages the company by monitoring its direction and its economic development.
He establishes the guidelines for the formulation and application of economic and financial policies and for strategic planning.

Pietro Masini

Commercial Manager

He is responsible for customer portfolio management. He analyzes the reference markets to acquire information in terms of competition, market trends and opportunities. He cooperates with the other departments in order to handle all the company activities.

Alice Angius

Junior sales manager

She manages the customer portfolio and retains existing customers. She is focuses on promoting and developing contacts with international customers.

Giovanni Falconi

Administrative Office

He coordinates the logistic and administrative activities.

Marco Masini

Production Manager

He handles the technological process of the company, by coordinating the technical team, planning and organizing work activities.

Carlo Masini

Quality Manager

He ensures the conformity of production processes and oversees all product development procedures to guarantee quality standards and to promote continuous improvements.

Gianni Masini

Raw Materials Processing Manager

He controls the quality of raw materials, from the beginning when they arrive in the company to the end of the process.