Tipico is more than just a name, it stands for quality and sweet pleasures. Our biscuit factory, established many years ago, jealously guards the recipes handed down from generation to generation by the Masini family, preserving the original simplicity and wholesomeness of the biscuits.
Fresh eggs, sugar and flour were the only ingredients our grandparents used to make biscuits all those years ago. 
Today, in the modern factory opened in 2005, we still use the same ingredients, selecting them from the best nature has to offer and mixing them together, to the delight of thousands of children and adults around the world: because simple pleasures know no bounds.
Our products are sold through all sales channels and Tipico can be found in the top shops, supermarket chains and shopping centres, as well as in the HORECA sector. Today, just as in the past, our mission is to take our wholesome Tipico products from Sardinia to every corner of the globe. Our commitment has led to the company obtaining prestigious IFS certification, awarded the highest possible rating every time. 

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